India is the world’s main incense producing country and is a healthy exporter to other countries. Incense burning has taken place in India for thousands of years, and India exported the idea to China and Japan, and other Asian countries. Agarbatti has been used for medicinal purposes and for gracing religious rituals for thousands of years. Indian Incense has a very long history, finding a mention as early as 5,000 BCE, where the Vedic literature has brought the significance of incense to light. Indian incense is known for the rich tradition, and Indian incense has also been a frontrunner to establish the value of incense at a very early age.
Agarbatti is an Indian terminology which is otherwise popularly known worldwide ‘Incense Sticks” and the name itself suggests, they are thin bamboo sticks of about 8″ to 12″ length coated with paste of fragrance of natural ingredients extracted of scented flowers or majority forest yield. Agarbatti have huge potential as a manufacturing business because its demand is at all time high and go even higher during festivals. More than 90 countries use Agarbattis and India is the sole producer of these Incense Sticks that caters to the demand of all countries worldwide.

Agarbatti Making Machines

This is very crucial part because machines are the backbone of your business. We have selected one reliable supplier who provides free service for 2 years and for this purpose ‘SHALOM BAMBOO CLUSTER ASSOCIATION’ will make MOU with Machine Supplier. After 2 years ‘SHALOM BAMBOO CLUSTER ASSOCIATION’ will provide service for this machines. Cost of agarbatti making machine depends on its speed and total production capacity.• Super High Speed Fully Automatic Original Vietnam Hung Tuan Agarbatti Making Machine.• Require Power : 1 hp Single Phase. Power supply: single-phase 220V.• Machine Speed Capacity : 200-250 Stroke / Per Minutes. (Depends on stick Quality)• Production Capacity : 70 – 100 Kg / 8 hr (Depends on stick Quality)• Dimensions (LWH): 520 * 410 * 691 (mm)• Dimensions (after assembling): 1190 * 760 * 940 (mm)• Machine Weight : 120 Kg.• Length of Incense Stick : 6″ to 12″• Counting: 8″ 1000 To 1200 Pieces & 9″ 850 To 1000 Pieces. (Depends on Die)• When stick is jammed, our machine will be stop automatically.• Heavy rigid structure With Electrical Control Panel.• Easy operating system for machine.• Model : AUTO_HT01

Dryer Machine

If humidity is present in your manufacturing area then you have to use drier machine and this machine is also useful in rainy season.

• Specially Designed Dryer for, raw Agarbatti Drying made by Indian Company.• Require Power : 0.21 hp (160 Watt) Single Phase. Power supply: single-phase 220V.• Drying Capacity : 100 Kg / 8 hr (Depends on moisture present in raw batti.)• imensions (LWH):- 864 X 864 X 914 (mm)• Machine Tare Weight : – 65 Kg• Length of Incense Stick : 6″ to 12″• Special arrangement of heaters can be made for effective drying during rainy season.

Mixer Machine

The mixer machine is very aseful by which you can get uniform amount of Dry and Wet powder mixture of your raw materials. Proper mixture of raw materials increases life of agarbatti making machine, Reduces fatigue of operator and reduces wastage of raw batti also.
• Require Power : 1hp, Single Phase. Power supply: single- phase 220V.
• Mixing Capacity : 20Kg / hr.
• Dimensions (LWH):- 914 mmX 762mm X 1067 mm
• Machine Weight : – 100 Kg.
• Special Reverse mechanism for homogenous mixture of raw material.