About Shalom

‘SHALOM BAMBOO CLUSTER ASSOCIATION’ Chandrapur is registered under “Section 8” of Indian Companies act 2013, amongst various objectives of Section 8 company  ‘SHALOM BAMBOO CLUSTER ASSOCIATION’ Chandrapur is working for setup, establish & maintain social projects in order to support employment in rural area, to promote village level industries such as production of bamboo clusterHence our company start with the aim of establishing agarbatti cluster. Taking whole responsibility to run this project, working from awareness of the women and unemployed peoples that they can make themselves self-employed and also can available employment to others.

‘SHALOM BAMBOO CLUSTER ASSOCIATION‘ already arranged awareness programs  and got reliable awareness in peoples for their own business and make them ready to become a part of ‘SHALOM BAMBOO CLUSTER ASSOCIATION‘

‘SHALOM BAMBOO CLUSTER ASSOCIATION‘  Initially forming a Agarbatti Custer through which, 500 new entrepreneurs will set nearby Chandrapur (within 30 km Area) Maharashtra State, India. All 500 beneficiary has successfully registered under Udyam  Registration.

All 500 beneficiary has completed  their basic training of Agarbatti manufacturing at ‘SHALOM BAMBOO CLUSTER ASSOCIATION’ Chandrapur. With all necessary documents of each entrepreneur ‘SHALOM BAMBOO CLUSTER ASSOCIATION’ will make available finance through the local Nationalized Bank .

‘SHALOM BAMBOO CLUSTER ASSOCIATION‘ will distribute 500 Agarbatti Making Machine along with allied machines and equipments required for Agarbarbatti manufacturing unit.

Company is going to make agreement with each entrepreneur for buy-back of finished goods and raw material supply.

Company  will appoint coordinators and technicians, they will visit each entrepreneur daily and solve all problems related to agarbatti manufacturing and machine maintenance issues.

Company will distribute raw material and collect finished product by every 10 days. Amount for Agarbatti making will credited to beneficiary account per 10 days of each month. We will monitor and take care for production, earning of beneficiary and Bank EMI also.Company motto is to extend this project up to State-Level.

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